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Q:Where is LEDON located?

A: Changan, Dongguan, China.


Q:What is LEDON's staple product?

A: LED Panels, LED Tubes, spots and flexible strips.


Q:What brand of LEDs does LEDON use in the products?

A: Mainly Cree for spot lights and Everlight for panels and tubes.


Q:What kind of warranty does LEDON offer?

A: We generally have 2 to 3 year warranty on our products


Q:What are the advantages of LEDON's products?

A: Better thermal management, brand LEDs and drivers.


Q:What is the drive mode of LEDON's products?

A:Constant current driver for office lighting products and constant voltage    for lighting products


Q: What separates LEDON from other manufacturers?

A: Independent drive mode, structurer concept and Quality controll